MUMS AND DADS ARE ROCKSTARS. They put so much effort into caring for their babies, that sometimes they forget that they need a little care for themselves.

We are passionate about helping new mums and dads feel loved and cared for.

Hi! I’m Anna, creator and owner of Hello With Love. The surprised looking potato-head in the photo with me, is my little boy…and kind of the reason I thought these survival kits were necessary.

The idea to make a survival kit first came about when 2 close friends of mine announced they were pregnant. I immediately started compiling lists of ‘things you will need in the first couple of months’ and ‘things that NO ONE BLOODY TELLS YOU’. When you become a new parent your world changes in every possible way. Everyone tells you this, but until you’ve lived it and breathed it, you don’t really get it.

For me, the first 12 weeks in particular, were hard. Really hard.

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be easy, but holy crap I didn’t expect them to be as core-challenging as they were either. My personal story involves horrendous feeding issues which I simply was not prepared for. I was up and down emotionally as I struggled to come to terms with who I was and what I even did everyday now. I really felt alone, inadequate and isolated.

I simply didn’t feel like I could be ‘me’ anymore. And I didn’t know how to get back to me.

A few friends of mine (who’ve been through it all before) reached out to me continuously through the first few months – and I am so very grateful they did. On the really tough days, they helped me see beyond what seemed like a never-ending bad situation and look forward to when things would be better. They helped me immeasurably – more than I think they realise.

One friend said to me, ‘it will get better and then a little harder and then a little better again’ and on and on it will go. The sooner I accepted that predictability was a thing of the past, the sooner I was OK with the frequent changes.

On reflection of those first tough months, other than the amazing and kind people who helped my husband and I through, I think about the daily rituals that I came to cherish.

Daily rituals became my ‘thing’ to get me through.


Hats off to you, sir. You are pure magic. Please never, ever leave me. Coffee is definitely a multiple daily ritual for me.

Decadent Face Mist.

The Rose Radience Face Mist included in some of our survival kits was my absolute go-to when I was exhausted inside and out (and still is). A quick spritz of this little beauty was enough to lift and refresh me. Plus it helps to put moisture back into tired and dry skin.


I’m not sure what it is once you have a baby, but my skin dried out. As in ‘snake-skin shedding’ dry, yuck! It may be the continuous washing or severe lack of sleep but for whatever reason, I’ve never needed as much moisturiser in my life.


Three meals a day? HA! Attention new parents – just assume that for the next little while, a ‘meal’ counts as anything you manage to eat. Sure that may be a home cooked meal (that someone else made for you – thanks mum) or a handful of nuts and dried fruit. Or a yummy oat cookie. Sounds like dinner to me!

New parents don’t always feel it (I certainly didn’t feel it), but they are doing an AMAZING job and these survival kits are designed to remind them that whilst the baby is now #1, that they are important and deserve a little care too.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup – take care of yourself first”

I hope any new parents receiving our survival kits get as much love out of the kit as we’ve put in them. It was really important to me that when we were selecting the beautiful contents that there was ‘no filler crap’. Only things that would nourish, nurture, replenish and revive.

Hang in there new mums and dads of the world, you’ve totally got this.

From my heart to yours, with love,

Anna xx